Mercy4Ubuzima is a partnership between Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City and four hospitals in Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare in Rwanda, beginning with the four Rwandan hospitals that have partnered with Mercy Hospital.

Mercy 4 Ubuzima working in Rwanda at hospitals

Mercy 4 Ubuzima Partner Hospitals

Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH)

Rwanda Military Hospital is a 350 bed referral hospital that provides the general public and military personnel with general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, emergency medicine, medical imaging, orthopedics, intensive care radiology and prepex. It was built in 1968 as a military referral hospital. It continued to provide health care services to the military and their immediate families until after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi when doors were opened to the general population. Currently, RMH treats 80% civilian and 20% military patients. RMH is now growing faster and becoming one of the best referral hospitals in the country. For further information, visit

Kibagabaga Hospital (KH)

Kibagabaga Hospital is a 230 bed district hospital that serves sixteen health clinics in its area.  Its specialties include; emergency medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, ear, nose and throat, mental health, imaging, lab and some general surgery.

Kacyiru Police Hospital (KPH)

Kacyiru Police Hospital is a 60 bed hospital with two operating suites, gynecology and obstetrics, neonatology, lab and dental.  Kacyiru Police Hospital focuses at providing a gender based violence program as well as post – mortem and DNA testing to assist with evidence for criminal cases.

Muhima Hospital (MH)

Muhima Hospital is a 128 bed hospital specializing in gynecology and neonatology. The hospital oversees eight functional health centers, a clinic specializing in HIV and lab testing and one clinic at the central prison in Kigali. Muhima Hospital is the training site for all medical schools and schools of nursing and midwifery in Rwanda.