Jamie Campbell, RN

Jamie Campbell, RN

Mercy 4 Ubuzima Team Nurse

Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Home Town: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 46

Favorite Quote:

“In all things you do, do in the name of Christ and in remembrance of Him.”

Professional Background:

Campbell graduated with an associate’s degree in nursing from Oklahoma City Community College in 1996. She has 17 years of nursing and managerial experience in hospital, home health and skilled nursing settings.

Why are you going on this trip to Rwanda?

I feel completely blessed to be chosen to Rwanda. I hope by going I will be contributing to the Mission of Mercy Hospital by being a good steward and being charitable with my time and knowledge.

What are your favorite outside-of-work activities?

In my spare time I enjoy a multitude of activities including sewing, canning and crafting. My most favorite of them all is spending time with my 3 year old granddaughter Emma.