About Us

Who We Are

We are doctors, nurses, patients, administrators, politicians, policy-makers, philanthropists and technicians. We are Rwandans, Americans and Oklahomans. We are two cities, on opposite sides of the globe, united by our shared commitment to providing quality healthcare to all of our patients.

Mercy 4 Ubuzima TeamFollowing the guidance of the Joint Commission International Essentials of Health Care Quality and Patient Safety, our team was invited to visit four hospitals in Kigali, Rwanda to survey various operations including:

  • Leadership processes and accountability
  • Competent and capable workforce
  • Safe environment for staff and patients
  • Improvement of quality and safety
  • Clinical care of patients

After a three-day on-site survey, each team will present findings and recommendations to respective hospital leadership.

What is Ubuzima?

In Kinyarwanda, “Ubuzima” means health, and that’s our mission.

In the native Rwanda language, Kinyarwanda, “Ubuzima” means health, and that’s Mercy’s mission to Rwanda. To further the healing ministry of Jesus by bringing access to care closer to the people of Rwanda through our compassionate care and exceptional service. 

Mercy 4 Ubuzima | About Us

We do that through a partnership called Mercy4Ubuzima literally meaning Mercy4Health.

Mercy4Ubuzima is a partnership between Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City and four hospitals in Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare in Rwanda, beginning with the four Rwandan hospitals that have partnered with Mercy Hospital.

The program name, Mercy4Ubuzima was chosen because: (1) We’re Mercy and (2) The number 4 was consistent throughout during our first trip to Rwanda, summer of 2013 – 4 teams, 4 people per team, 4 hospitals, and above all we were going for health.

How We Got Started

This project has been many years in the making, but in the summer of 2013, we brought several doctors from Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City to Kigali, where we first visited our four sister hospitals. Through observation of the hospitals and conversations with their staff, our Mercy team, together with facilitators in Rwanda and members of the hospitals’ staff, we identified two initiatives that we believe will significantly improve the quality of healthcare in these hospitals: hand hygiene and patient identification.

These two practices will reduce the rate of post-operative infection, and help to ensure that a patient receives the correct treatments, as efficiently as possible.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Mercy 4 Ubuzima | Mercy Logo and Rwandan FlagMercy4Ubuzima has three main focuses: Mercy Hospital OKC, Rwanda, and Healthcare. Our logo pays tribute to each.


Mercy 4 Ubuzima | Rwandan Elements

At the heart of the logo stands a combination of the Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City logo and the Rwandan Flag. Elements of Rwandan culture and design proved to be the best channel to successfully translate these two strong icons into one. 


In support of the Mercy4Ubuzima’s goals, the square shape serves as a reminder that the foundation of the organization supports 4 hospitals. The symbol of the sun serves as a beacon of hope to the people of Rwanda to move forward to the importance and education of healthcare. The recognition of Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City serves as a secondary element to understand that Mercy Hospital is there for the support of the Rwandan community.

Mercy 4 Ubuzima | Logo Progression