United Rwanda

We are doctors, nurses, patients, administrators, politicians, policy-makers, philanthropists and technicians. We are Rwandans, Americans, and Oklahomans. We are two cities, on opposite sides of the globe, united by our shared commitment to providing quality healthcare to all of our patients.


What is Ubuzima?

In the native Rwanda language, Kinyarwanda, “Ubuzima” means health, and that’s Mercy’s mission to Rwanda.  To further the healing ministry of Jesus by bringing healthcare access crosser to the people of Rwanda through our compassionate care and exceptional service. We do that through a partnership called Mercy4Ubuzima literally meaning Mercy4Health.

Making a difference, one patient at a time.

Reflections: Pam Spanbauer, RN

Reflections: Pam Spanbauer, RN

“My most memorable experience was seeing their passion in the neonatal unit. They cared for very ill neonates without having basic equipment that we take for granted. They do have IV pumps, respiratory equipment or in wall oxygen, but still provided the best care they could.” — Pam Spanbauer, RN, Mercy 4 Ubuzima administrator Read More

Contribute to the Cause

Our healthcare professionals and Rwandan partners have worked tirelessly to improve access to quality care for the past 2 1/2 years. Your contribution matters to us.